Amelia Moore (aka Ameliaismore) Author, Actor, TV Host, Journalist, Marketer, Executive… SheEO Succinctly, Amelia is an all round talent & entrepreneur. With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business from acting on set to running record labels to even hosting TV shows, Ameliaismore can do and does it all! Amelia stays busy as SheEO of Buzz Builder (BMC); a consulting firm that creates marketing and branding strategies/campaigns for their clients. The company lives by the adage: “You are only as good as who knows how good you are!” The question for her clients is simple; If you are the best yet unknown what are you? Buzz Builder’s mission is to get their clients known using their brand and company DNA as the foundation to the skyscraper of success Buzz Builder creates for their clients.

Amelia is also producer and host of her own internet TV shows; “Daily Dose TV”, “Out and About in NYC.” “On the Block w/Ameliaismore” and co-producer of “Hop Hop Tour 2013” Currently, Amelia hosts red carpets for her new business venture called: Red Carpet Rentals (where everyone is a star!) Lastly as a freelance journalist Amelia has written blogs and articles for,,, a health and wellness blog and a new television network UBCTV.

This year Amelia will be launching her first book that is an executive handbook to female diversity training. Entitled; SheEO vs CEO Amelia hopes her book will help men understand what it means to be a female executive and also enable women to become C Level executives. Her new TV shows; “Different Views One Voice” on MNN(think Charlie Rose meets Gil Noble) was received well as a special and last year was a weekly series on the public access network. As if all of that is not enough Amelia has also hosted various shows for a new streaming network For the past four years Amelia has been blogging and hosting their red carpet specials and special events. She is excited to be part of the launch in 2018 as host of their new variety show; The Lights of Harlem. A resident of Harlem (NYC) Amelia is excited to showcase the talent and tell the amazing stories of her neighborhood and its culture.

Education and child advocacy along with women empowerment has always been Amelia’s ministry. Now Education Specialist for SEBNC/McKinley after school program Amelia is able to implement various programs and teaching practices that are enriching the children of the McKinley housing. She is also the permanent host for a woman’s group ANS Association. This amazing group of women, visit shelters and conduct conference that help empower women and help them understand find resolution to their everyday issues. Yes, @ameliaismore is your host with the most who is Moore than what you bargain for… so stay tuned for Moore! Peace!