No one would have been guessed Byron could sing. As a matter of fact, his father was surprised when he heard him leading a song in his local church choir at age 6. From there, Byron went on to win several local competitions in the Nashville Area. Because of his love music, his father got him involved with local arts programs such the MET Singers, Nashville Symphony Youth Celebration Chorus, PTAP, the Nashville Children’s Theatre, and many more. Byron attended and the Nashville School of The Arts. He competed in a number of different music and theater competitions and won several awards while attending. Byron then went on to graduate from Tennessee State University with B.S. in Music. Since then, Byron has performed with several music aggregations such as the gospel group Nate Bean and 4given, Inversion Vocal Ensemble, Nashville Opera Chorus and the Princely Players.  In recent years, Byron has share the stage and open for such artist as: Rivers Rutherford, Marcus Hummon, Israel Houghton, Hezekiah Walker, Doobie Powell, Rudy Currence and many more. In the Fall of 2016, Byron released his debut EP Millennial Faith. Byron will be releasing new music in  the spring of 2017 titled, “Messages of a Mended Man”.
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