Ms. Clemmie Greenlee has triumphed over many struggles. From drug addiction to sex trafficking to gang violence, she has refused to remain a victim! She has resolved to use her experiences to help those in the streets. To her recognition, she been named Nashvillian of the Year in the past decade. After spending a few years in New Orleans, she is back and ready to once again make a difference in the community through her non-profit group, Nashville Peacemakers .

Ms. Clemmie now has laser-focused Nashville Peacemakers to four programs: Mothers over Murder (MOMs), reading classes, Straight Talk, and Back to Basics. Mothers over Murder is an action group for teen mothers, seeking to find a solution to gang violence. The reading classes hope to prevent the cycle of disadvantaged youth participating in a life of crime through improving their reading and comprehension skills. The Straight Talk group deals with the anger of young men in hopes of channeling that anger to do productive activities. The Back to Basics group seeks to deal with the self-esteem issues of young ladies, as well as teach them better hygiene skills, so that they will be better equipped to get on track and ahead in life.