Thunder Kellie is a native of Columbia, TN. Thunder Kellie attended the University of Montevallo in AL and is presently the Executive Director for LHIV.ORG, a non profit for HIV advocacy and care. Thunder Kellie is a man whom wears many hats; educating, theater, photographer, advocating, and fitness; to name just a few. Each “hat” inspired by some event in Thunder Kellie’s life. The passion of performing and Thunder Kellie’s own firsthand experience in October of 1997 has enabled him to write his own play production entitled “You Shall Live”. This original work focuses on the causes, associated issues and statistics of HIV/AIDS; that continues to reach broad audiences of diverse individuals. As one who has been HIV positive for over 10 years, Thunder Kellie aspires to eradicate the negative stigma that is attached to HIV/AIDS. Contracting the disease during his college years, has further aspired him to speak at college campuses abroad about sexual behavior, HIV/AIDS and advocate publicly around the United States. Taking on the pseudonym Thunder Kellie began the rebirth of a new and improved man. Thunder is a booming sound or vibration that can be heard from miles away from the original source of the noise. Also regardless to where you are when you hear Thunder, it grabs your attention. He feels as though everything that he is, everything that he represents and everything that he does will grab the attention of people miles away, so he choose the first name Thunder. Kelly is a common girls’ name and girls are usually emotional, expressive and vulnerable. Deep down inside he is the afore mentioned characteristics but he puts a more masculine spin on the name and put an (ie) on the end and took on Kellie as my last name. So the roar of the Thunder can protect the meek Kellie. Under my pseudonym and HIV campaign he will fight to encourage people to LHIV. He has worked with individuals living with HIV/AIDS to come up with solutions to the problems/issues that one faces on a daily basis. These solutions let individuals know that they will live and lead full quality lives by taking care of themselves physically and mentally. Presently, Thunder Kellie is working on a campaign entitled LHIV (live) spelled L H I V, encouraging and empowering men and women that they can LIVE healthy lives with HIV. Thunder Kellie also has another company entitled Thunder Kellie Photography. Never in Thunder Kellie’s life did he imagine he would find such great joy in shooting photography, until after the death of his beloved mother. Burning with pain Thunder Kellie searched for an outlet and what landed in his hands was an unfound passion for photography. Thunder Kellie perceives that he shoots the beautiful joys his mother found in life and that is people. To know Thunder Kellie is to know fun, vibrant, joy, truths, love, and friendship. Thunder Kellie is a man whom name you can attach countless adjectives too.